Research on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Immersive Interactive Environments, Interactive Spaces

About the JLF Lab

Research facilities on Visualization and Intelligent Multimodal Interfaces at Técnico Lisboa

Welcome to the JLF Lab

The JLF Multimedia Lab is composed by two separate rooms, designed and fully equipped for research on visualization and intelligent multi-modal interaction, offering a wide range of interaction scenarios, ranging from a wall-sized screen to handheld interactive surfaces, virtual and augmented reality environments, remote collaboration, and e-presence

The lab was named after late Professor João Lourenço Fernandes, a major promoter of computer grahphics and interaction research in Portugal and a founder of this multimedia lab at Técnico Lisboa.

Inaugurated in 2004, with the sponsorship of several institutions and companies, the JLF lab provided research facilities for hundreds of Ph.D., Master and Bachelor students. Since its opening, several European and national funded projects were developed at the lab and a large body of work had been published.

Infrastructure and Equipment

Constantly evolving to keep pace with the latest advancements, the equipment at JLF Lab offers a rich environment for advanced research on visualization and interaction.

Contact Us

The JLF Lab is located in the Taguspark campus of the Instituto Superior Técnico. Research in the lab is led by the VIMMI group of INESC-ID Lisboa.

Av. Prof. Doutor Cavaco Silva
2744-016 Porto Salvo

Joaquim Jorge
Head of Research